Spraying your Roof inside the attic

Spraying your attic roof, will dramatically save on your energy costs by keeping your attic cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter and it will keep your attic at a constant temperature making it much easier to heat your home.

By spraying in this application, it is going to slow down the rate at which your shingles heat up and cool down. Shingle curling is a result from to much heat in the attic. They curl upward because the temperature in the ATTIC gets too HOT. Insulate the underside of the roof and the entire roof system heats and cools slower thus increasing the lifespan of your entire roof system.

Choosing the right type

Flexible foams or open cell foams?

If the foam expands far enough, an open celled configuration will develop, like a sponge. These are referred to, as flexible foams or pour/ froth foams. Good for spraying roof lines and 2x6 walls in new home construction.

Rigid foams or closed cell foams?

If the gasses become trapped in the cell structure, a closed cell configuration is formed. These foams have excellent insulation properties and are called rigid foams. Rigid foams can be either poured or sprayed and are used in structural foams,fabric backing, or building and packaging industry and other applications. Excellent for all types of insulating application.