Are your heating costs out of control?
Save up to 40%

on heating & cooling with spray foam insulation when compared with traditional fiberglass insulation.

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Stop letting money slip through the cracks!

It’s cold in Maine for most of the year. At Gates Spray Foam Insulation, we use state of the art techniques to ensure you get the best possible insulation for your home. This allows you to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer, all while saving money.

Maine’s Choice for Spray Foam Insulation

Be careful who you choose for your spray foam installation. There are companies out there that don’t offer the new state of the art applications that we do. We strive to offer on-time delivery and excel at providing exceptional spray foam service.

Bad foam can be made in the industry through the wrong 1-1 ratio mixture. Also, spraying foam without an air dryer can affect the insulation. With older equipment, the wrong ratio and temperature can lead to the wrong R-value in your foam.

At Gates Spray Foam, we have the newest equipment in today’s industry that doesn’t allow us to make bad foam. Our equipment shuts down if the wrong type of foam is sprayed. We also run on our own power source, so we don’t hike up your electric bill.

Choosing the right type

Flexible foams or open cell foams?

If the foam expands far enough, an open celled configuration will develop, like a sponge. These are referred to, as flexible foams or pour/ froth foams. Good for spraying roof lines and 2x6 walls in new home construction.

Rigid foams or closed cell foams?

If the gasses become trapped in the cell structure, a closed cell configuration is formed. These foams have excellent insulation properties and are called rigid foams. Rigid foams can be either poured or sprayed and are used in structural foams,fabric backing, or building and packaging industry and other applications. Excellent for all types of insulating application.